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Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

The Metropolitan Soundview High School exists in order to ensure students build the character, skills, and disposition to reach their highest potential in school, within their community and throughout their lives.

"Our Core Values"

Our Core Values


  • We believe the future will be better based on our efforts, and we want to put in the effort to realize that future.

  • We don’t get hung up on frustrations and setbacks.


  • We have the strength to hang in there when the going gets tough and consistently rise up to face all the challenges in our lives and school.

  • We set high goals and persevere in achieving those goals.

  • We understand that mistakes are part of learning, and failure leads to strength.

  • We strive to live our lives honestly, both academically and socially.

Intellectual Curiosity

  • If you are not asking questions, you are not thinking.

  • We learn best when the curriculum offers creative opportunities and activities.

  • Students are curious to apply learned knowledge and skills to new, real-world situations.


  • Before anyone cares about what you know, he/she wants to know you care.

  • We must put ourselves in the shoes of others before passing judgment, treating someone harshly, or speaking cruelly about others.  We have compassion.

Love of Learning

  • We believe that all students can learn and want to learn, no matter how they express their desire to learn.

  • As human beings, we experience one of the deepest and most profound feelings of satisfaction when we understand that we have truly learned something new.

  • As teachers, our deepest sense of personal satisfaction is when we know that we have had a positive impact on the life of a child.

  • We believe that students learn best when instruction is varied in its practice and is individualized to students’ particular learning styles in order to fully engage and motivate our students.

  • Collaboration brings the greatest results, between teachers, between students.

  • Students develop higher levels of mastery when they can apply learned knowledge and skills to new situation.

Our Pledge

Our Pledge

Commitment to the Educational Experience

  •  A rigorous secondary school education.

  • An intimate learning environment with small classes, advisories and parent contact.

  • An integrated curriculum with clear relationships between academic subjects.

  • Service to the community promoted as part of the learning experience.

  • An integrated arts curriculum, nurturing students’ self-expression creatively and constructively.

  • Participation in volunteer programs and college enrichment experiences that challenge the comfort zones of our students

Civic Responsibility

  • Students prepared to be successful, contributing members of society.

  • Families actively involved in the school community by volunteering in the parent organization.

Respect for the Community, the Environment and Others

  • Student awareness of the ecological system in which they live and expose them to measures they can take to improve the health of that system.

  • Nurture the emotional, mental and physical well-being of each member of our community.

  • Maintain a school that is intimate enough for students to be comfortable and build lasting relationships with faculty and other students.

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