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Art History

This course provides a foundation for students to understand their world through the analysis of art, architecture, and various artifacts. Students will study art from ancient history around the world to contemporary art. This course supplements the Global and United States History classes while giving students the opportunity to visit museums in New York City.


This course is an overview of basic principles in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and personal finance. Students learn about the economy of the United States and its role in the global community. The course finishes with a unit on financial literacy and fiscal responsibility to prepare them for life after high school.


This course encourages students to research various current events and issues to debate in a public forum. Students will develop various styles of debate including structured and impromptu speeches as well as analyze famous past speeches. This course prepares students to successfully communicate their ideas for college, career, and beyond.

History Through Film

This course allows students to analyze American and world history through the lens of film and documentaries. Students will study the basics of cinematography and how it impacts the way history is portrayed. Students will explore different perspectives of events in history while evaluating the significance of key films in Hollywood.

Participation in Government

This course focuses on the development of citizenship and civic responsibility. Students study various government systems and compare them to the Constitution of the United States. Students engage in debates that focus on current issues affecting our world today.

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