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James Monroe Eagles

Home to the best of the best

The James Monroe Campus consist of four high schools in the main building and two high schools in the annex building. The Eagles is home to the best of the best where our students are offered to play/ compete at colleges on athletic scholarships, drafts into minor and major leagues as well as acquiring dozens of county, state and national titles.

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JV/Varsity Basketball

The James Monroe Campus proudly holds Junior Varsity basketball and Senior Varsity Basketball. By PSAL standards, students must maintain a C or higher class average in order to participate in this sport. Varsity senior students are encouraged to create their own highlight reels to send to colleges. Many of our athletes go off to play in Division 3 and 2 colleges.  

JV/Varsity Baseball

Monroe Campus (33-4) earned its first title since 2006 and finished off an impressive last month and half of the season for longtime coach Mike Turo. The Eagles earned its sixth school title but it has been a long time since the perennially strong program has been the last team standing. 

“The kids learned how to win and get used to it and keep going. Then you lose a couple of times and you become very humble. It’s a whole new group,” Turo said. “After we lost some tough games during the [Monroe] tournament, we turned around and ran off 24 straight games. They did it and I’m proud of them.”

- News 12 Varsity


Over the past few years the James Monroe Eagles Cheer Team has proved their hard work and dedication, placing first at various competitions, including Six Flags Cheer Fest two years in a row. They placed first at a regional competition and qualified to compete in February 2017 at the National High School Cheerleading Championship in Orlando. The team won great support from the community and, in the end, fundraising $30,000, helping the team get the the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando placing 7th in the Nation.

The James Monroe Eagles Cheer Team is affilated with PSAL STUNT in the spring and upholds a strict code of respect, academics and school spirit.


Monroe High School girls & boys rugby club started in October 2013. Just two days a week after school the students were offered the opportunity to learn a new sport, to hopefully compete in a few flag rugby coed matches that 2013-2014 season. The students of Monroe competed at the Play Rugby USA Rugby Cup in 2014 and became in second place. Since then the program expanded to four days a week, with two days allocated to a girls team, and two days allocated to a boys team. Both boys and girls teams humble by their experience that first year accepted a challenge to compete against various of PSAL tackle rugby teams and was successful. 

Other Sports Offered




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